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I am a senior graphic designer living in the California Bay Area, working up and down the West Coast. As a creative designer & artful storyteller with a deep passion for everything design, I bring ideas to (digital) life. In my free time I enjoy traveling with my husband, going to the movies as much as possible, & trying new restaurants (especially ones with great logos). I also serve on the Cinemark Chairman's Advisory Board, where I contribute creative ideas and give my opinion on anything & everything movie related. I balance my day job by taking on freelance passion projects in areas of design that I love. Iā€™m a fan of clean, simple design, with illustrative touches and attention to detail.


B.A. in Visual Communication Design
Minor in New Media Design
Seattle Pacific University



Senior Marketing Designer for
Bridge Partners Consulting.

Accepting freelance inquiries.





Marketing Design

Logo Design


Digital Asset Design

Presentation Design

Print Design

Art Direction